Dicussion 9b: Feminist analysis / social identity in Fun Home

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Two questions are listed below. Please answer separately with clearly order.

Feminist analysis:

1. Review V for Vendetta. Pay close attention to how Evey is portrayed in the text. Do you believe Evey is a strong character, or a weak character? Give us several examples to support your assertion. If you think she is a strong character, provide us with page #’s, panels, circumstances in which she exhibits that strength.

Social identity in Fun Home:

Now that you’ve reviewed the lesson on sociological criticism, it is time to familiarize yourself with a few of the prominent theories in sociology. Read the article on social identity at the following site: SOCIAL IDENTITY THEORY

If the link doesn’t work, paste it into a new browser:


After reviewing the details of Tajfel’s theory of social identity, answer the following questions. The first will demonstrate your understanding of the theory. The second and third questions will test your ability to apply the theory to our text.

2.Describe briefly the three mental processes we undergo when we evaluate those around us (answer found at the link).

3. Identify a few of the groups our protagonist identifies with. Don’t simply list them. Describe them. How does our protagonist interact with these groups? How do we know she wants to be a part of these groups?

4. Identify some of the groups our protagonist’s father wants to identify with. Describe the groups. How does the father interact with these groups? Are there any groups he fails to join or become a part of? How/Why?

Do your best to answer all the questions listed.

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