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I need :

A primary posting is a direct response to the initial question posted. The answer should be at
least 300 words, posted on time and answer the question using the textbook (and additional
appropriate’ sources, if needed) with critical thinking skills and analysis of the concepts.

the textbook:

Bailey, J.S. & Burch, M.R. (2016). Ethics for Behavior Analysts (3rd ed.).

This is the question of the discussion:

Choose one of the following questions to begin your primary posting for today. Indicate which scenario you chose at the beginning of your response by using the scenario number.

1) You are a behavior analyst working under a supervisor who is not a behavior analyst. As part of the program in the clinic where you work your supervisor has asked you to implement an intervention you think may be in conflict with the Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts. How do you handle this situation?

2) Currently in Oklahoma there are a limited number of certified behavior analysts, particularly in rural areas of our state. As a result, it is likely that your services will be sought by a variety of clients. Our Code requires us to stay within the boundaries of our competence in our practice. How can you prepare yourself to serve a variety of clients? What would you do if asked to provide services to a client whose needs fall outside your current competence and you are the only behavior analyst available in the area?

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