Critical Thinking1 – Healthcare Information Systems

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Create an annotated bibliography by evaluating three articles written in the last five years on patient safety and the quality of patient care. Provide a conclusion that demonstrates how health information systems help healthcare organizations meet the patient safety and quality goals.

Your paper should meet the following requirements:
Be 2-3 pages in length
Include at least three scholarly references, in addition to the textbook (attached).
Be formatted according to the APA writing format.
Review the grading rubric, which is attached.

APA Writing Format!

Need’s a title page
Font – Use a 12-point
Times New Roman!

Spacing – Double space
all text including the reference list and block quotes on all

All margins should be
set to 1″ on each side of the paper.

Page numbers go in the
upper right corner in the header.


1 Running head: YOUR TITLE IN

Page 2…

The running head goes in the upper left
corner and is in all capital letters. The words “Running head:”
appear only on the cover page.

No Blue and underling
in references (Remove the hyperlink)

References should be on
a separate page

********Always good to
break up your paper with subheadings

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