The musician Paul McCartney

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Please be avoid talking about The Beatles, thanks.

Just choose one active of Paul McCartney, it’s better to talk event when he not live in america. Because we can’t talk about the things the book “American Popular Music: From Minstrelsy to MP3″ have.

Select a popular music songwriter or artist active after 1960 and before

2000 who was NOT (or will not be) covered in this class, and demonstrate how that

individual’s (or group’s) musical career relates to or had an impact on a significant social

issue (such as gender, race, class, immigration, or sexuality, for instance), historical event

(such as the Vietnam war, Civil rights era), or social or cultural movement (women’s

rights, environmentalism or anti-war activism, for instance). You may discuss how your

artist relates to more than one of these categories, as they often overlap. Provide relevant

background information concerning your chosen issue, event, or movement as well as

your selected songwriter or artist such that it is clear how the two relate to each other.

(Do not waste space on irrelevant biographical details.) Select one song by your artist

that best exemplifies how she/he/they relate(s) to the issue, event, or movement you

discuss. Be sure to address specifically musical details and demonstrate how they

contribute to the relevance, meaning, or impact of your chosen song. You may

discuss more than one song or recording, but you should focus on one so that you can

sufficiently address specifically musical details.

Use at least 4 sources for your essay, at least 2 of which have

been published independently of the internet (peer-reviewed web publications are

acceptable). Cite your sources using footnotes in the Chicago Style (also known as

Turabian) format.

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