Application: Integrative Therapy, Case Conceptualization, Psychology homework help

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Application: Integrative Therapy—Case Conceptualization

Integrative therapy mindfully combines aspects of several theories and therapies to create a unique treatment plan for a client. A psychologist must be well versed in the theories he or she chooses from and have a solid rationale for integrating particular interventions.

This week, you will revisit one of the case studies that you examined earlier in the course, Sam, Kyle, or Joanne. However, in this week’s Application, you will conceptualize the client’s presenting issues using an integrative approach.

To prepare for this assignment:

  • Select and review case study Sam, Kyle, or Joanne for use with this assignment.
  • Re-conceptualize your selected case study by using concepts and considerations from integrative theory.
  • Conduct a brief (2–3 articles) literature review, searching for empirically supported treatments that would support the particular integrative techniques and interventions that you are using.
  • Review this week’s Web sites for empirically supported treatments related to integrative therapy.

The assignment: (The completed template should be 2–3 pages)

  • Complete the Case Conceptualization Template for your selected case study using an integrative therapy approach.
  • Provide specific empirically supported treatments and evidence-based practice interventions.
  • Include ethical and cultural considerations in your case conceptualization.

Support your Application Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are asked to provide a reference list only for those resources not included in the Learning Resources for this course. Keep in mind the importance of using empirically supported research to support your points of view.

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