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You know by now that in actual research situations, the design is always chosen based on the overall research objective. However, your task this week is again to adjust your simulation to a specific research design, i.e., the qualitative design. Using the information from the assigned readings and the “Applying Qualitative Design” worksheet, modify your research simulation so it uses a qualitative design. This worksheet includes specific tasks to help you try out the application of a qualitative design using a guided process. Your tasks range from identifying a specific professional perspective to describing the participants and the data collection methods, to considering research ethics and questions of validity. Chapter 9 contains all the information you need to support you in completing this assignment.

For this Assignment,

  • Use the document below to record your responses
    For this
    simulation, assume you will use a qualitative design using a case study
    As you have
    learned, researchers bring their perspectives to their studies. For example,
    when the general topic of interest is “aggression in young children,” a
    developmental psychologist may focus on the differences in cognitive
    development between more and less aggressive children. An early childhood
    researcher who looks at aggression from a feminist point of view might want
    to find out the roots of gender differences in childhood aggression. An early
    childhood teacher might be most interested in learning more about ways to
    reduce childhood aggression through different daily routines in preschool environments.
    You see from these examples that there are many different and valid starting
    points for research studies.

    For this research
    simulation, identify your perspective, i.e., identify from which position you
    will start this qualitative study: from the position as a child activist, an
    early childhood teacher, a developmental specialist, an early childhood
    teacher, a feminist, a combination of these, or from another professional
    starting point.
    Considering the
    specific starting point you chose above, do you need to modify your original
    research question so it becomes the best start for this qualitative design?
    If yes, restate your research question here as well as your reasons for the
    change. If no, explain your reasons as well.
    Briefly describe
    your “case” (is it an individual, a family, a whole team, or some other unit)
    In what ways will
    you collect the data (e.g., through interviews, observations, self-reports, a
    combination of measures, or using any other way) —be specific
    Considering the
    issues of ethics in research which you studied in Week 3, list at least two
    ethical concerns you might encounter with this study, and suggest ways in
    which you will address these ethical issues
    Describe specific
    steps you will take to make sure your study is “valid” (Remember that in
    qualitative studies, validity is usually assured through the process of

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