Excel work with forecasting specific periods

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Please read all instructions

Open the file Verizon excel file, (I have also attached a word doc with notes to make it way easier for you to do)

Following the process outlined in the notes and slides, you have to forecast all items related to the following:




Working Capital (Receivables, Inventory, Payables, other current assets/liabilities)

Allowance for uncollectible accounts

PP&E and depreciation.


For your convenience, I have highlighted in light yellow the cells that you have to forecast.

IMPORTANT: Follow the process. Do NOT forecast each related cell separately. In other words, once you forecast gross margin, use that forecast to calculate COGS. Do not go and forecast COGS independently of your gross margin projections

I have formatted the cells as they are supposed to be. Blue cells are number inputs. Green cells means that this is a formula that links to another cell for your projections.

Where I have put a blue “1” it means that I want you to put whole numbers there (numbers that make sense obviously).

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