Discussion Questions

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Answer the discussions questions below: I will upload the chapter in a link Below:


Instructions­ Rate yourself on a scale of 1
(low) to 5 (high) in each of the competencies as each is defined on
pages 65-68. You DO NOT have to post your personal response to the
self-test. Post your answers to the questions that follows the competency test.

Fourteen Personal Competencies Self-Test (approx. 10 mins)

Purpose­ To foster awareness of the 14 personal competencies through self-assessment

  1. __________ Be nonjudgmental.
  2. __________ Be flexible.
  3. __________ Be resourceful.
  4. __________ Personalize observations.

5 __________ Pay attention to your thoughts/feelings.

  1. __________ Listen carefully.
  2. __________ Observe attentively.
  3. __________ Assume complexity.
  4. __________ Tolerate the stress of uncertainty.
  5. __________ Have patience.
  6. __________ Manage personal biases and stereotypes.
  7. __________ Keep a sense of humor.
  8. __________ Show respect.

14 __________ Display empathy.

Evaluating the Score

Add up the points:

61–70 = Highly Competent

51–60 = Moderately Competent

0–50 = Need More Practice

Answer ALL of the following questions in the discussion forum

  • Describe your personal reaction (feelings, thoughts) to this self-assessment exercise .
  • What did you learn about yourself in the course of this exercise?

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