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I want someone write an argument essay from this letter within two and half pages. MLA format. By including(Ethos,Pathos,Logos)


I write to respond to the article published by the CNN on the official website on 01/11/2017, reporting on the terror attack that took place in Manhattan, New York City. First, I wish to commend the company (CNN) for being among the newsrooms which provided a detailed coverage of the activities that transpired at the crime scene. It is a commendable job to have all the viewers get an opportunity to get information on the subject.

However, I regret the article’s direct link to the terror attack on the Islam. I understand that in sometimes, terrorism and Islam have sounded synonymoussince most of those who participate in such crimes claim to Muslim. In your article, you mentioned that the eyewitnesses of the crime stated that they heard the terrorist shout “Allahu Akbar,” which is an Islamic phrase used to mean that God is greatest.” While this cannot be ascertained, it is likely that the readers of this article get to treat the crime as depicting the will of the Muslims or as if Muslims support terrorism. In this regard, I would like to state that categorically; Muslims are not terrorist, neither do they support terrorism. It should be known to the world that terrorism is just like any other criminals out there, and thus should not be viewed as pursuing the interests of the Muslims. As a matter of fact, noIslamic scripture which supports the killing of innocent people. The victims of the said attack were innocent people, and thus it is against the will of Allah.

With thanks,

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