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Select a health issue presented by a classmate in week 5 but discuss its impact in another country of any income level. Make sure you discuss the relative burden, country specific factors which contribute to the incidence and prevalence of the disease and challenges to prevention in the country you select. For full credit, make sure to define your terms clearly and draw some comparisons between the two countries. Note any contrasts to the impact in the country in the original post.

Present a cohesive argument with a thesis statement, details related to the components above using specific examples and support for the thesis and a concluding sentence.

Classmates work

China developed rapidly in recent decades, achieved rapid economic development and becomes one of the largest developing country in the world. At the same time, this success comes at the cost of deterioration of the environment, including outdoor and indoor air pollution, soil pollution and water shortage which significantly affect the current chinese health.

The outdoor air pollution in the big cites become the biggest environment challenge for public health in China now. China is a long history ancient country in the world. In rural area of China, coal and biomass fuels are still widely used in stoves and produce substantial indoor and outdoor air pollution. In cities no matter big or small, with the dramatically increased number of car, motor-vehicle emissions also causes the outdoor air pollution mixed with coal –combustion especially in North of China (Kan, 2009). Current china air pollution situation is as that of developed countries in the 1`960s. The inhaled particles including sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) are dramatically higher than the standard normal level in the large chinese cities (Ministry of Environment Protection of China, 2009). There are many studies reported that all these outdoor and indoor air pollution in China are adversely affect the chinese health causing the increases in the respiratory symptoms such as asthma, bronchitis, and acute and chronic respiratory symptoms, hospitalization and premature mortality (Chen et al, 2014). For example, Beijing’s smog isn’t killing thousands right away like the infamous Great Smog of London in 1952. However, for the elderly, children and people with existing health conditions, it’s a different story. From the World Health Organization recent report, there are 3 million people worldwide died from air pollution-related health effects. However, China has more than million people lost their lives- highest number of any country in the world (US. News, 2017)

In terms of air pollution, Beijing and surrounding areas have generated considerated interests and air pollution caused related health issue have been arised the government’concern. China is working on the decrease the air pollution to make the people healthier.


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