global health week 6 discussion

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Classroom chats provide an opportunity to respond to the videos, readings and presentations in the module. This is also a good place for you to share your personal experience as it relates to the course content. You should write at least a paragraph. While we will not be grading on grammar, spelling, APA etc. in this board, you are expected to write well and in your own words. Copy and pasted material will not be accepted. You will be expected to have a total of 2 classroom chat posts during a module. One of them should be initiated by you and one should be a response. We encourage you to question your classmates and push them to think of issues in depth and with complexity. We will be doing this too. With that said, make sure you post in a way that is respectful of others.

Please respond to classmate discussion

Peer discussion

Out of all of the readings and videos, one that stuck out to me was “Africa’s Emerging Epidemic.” I had just written a research brief on Cervical Cancer in Africa, and therefore, this one caught my eye. The opening line was shocking enough, saying that it’s a luxury for these people to be waiting in a hospital to be seen or treated. The doctor explained how there are almost 40 million people in the country of Kenya, and only one true cancer consultant place. There are so many people with this disease, but very limited resources and doctors to help treat these patients. Most people do not know they have anything until their health starts failing, and at that point, it’s too late. My mom had Cervical Cancer a couple of years ago, so to think that if she was in their situation and did not get treated, or if she had not known the warning signs, it would’ve been too late, is a very scary thought.

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