Qualitative Methodologies

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There are many approaches to qualitative research and no fully
agreed upon “list” of methodologies. Merriam (2016) describes a few
methodologies, and Chapter 3 of Hennink, et al. (2011) describes some
additional methodologies. Chwalisz, Shah, and Hand (2008) describe
qualitative methodologies from the perspective of an even different
list. As one can see, there is no definitive list of qualitative

One of the best ways to learn about a variety of qualitative research
methodologies is to read reports of research around a topic you are
interested in. A search for qualitative research of a particular topic
area may reveal a variety of qualitative research in that area.

For your initial post, find two dissertations that use a qualitative

research methodology to answer a research question that is in the same

topic area as your topic of interest. Briefly describe the research

methodologies utilized in each of the dissertations you selected. You

may refer to the week’s reading to help you explain. Compare and

contrast the two qualitative methods used: What is the same and what is

different and why? Post should be at least 300 words.

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