Comm110 Assg

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Assignment Instructions

Goal: To demonstrate your ability to expand upon the project plan through the incorporation of research-based content.

Tool: Utilize PowerPoint to communicate your research findings to an audience.

Instructions: During the last six weeks you developed a project plan, researched the content of the plan, and collected sources. Now, create a PowerPoint presentation that effectively communicates the knowledge you have gained during your research process. Before you begin, review the assignment’s requirements below.


Use your Project Plan and the Source Organization worksheet as guides for the content for your presentation.

  • Well organized presentation to include an introduction, body, conclusion, and properly formatted reference/work cited slide in the citation style of your degree program (APA, MLA, Chicago).
  • Three (3) vetted credible sources. One (1) of the sources must be scholarly and from the library.
  • Appropriate length 7-9 slides and 2-3 minutes, if presentation is voice narrated.
  • Clear evidence topic was researched, expands upon the project plan, and includes appropriate source attributions.
  • Presentation provides audience with substantive information to increase their knowledge of the topic presented.
  • Engage the audience through the use of elements such as images, graphs, and charts. These must include appropriate attributions.

If you have advanced skills and want to try one of the following enhancements, please feel free to stretch your skills. As you think about whether you want to implement an enhancement, consider how it will impact your presentation and its intended audience.

  • Voice narration, closed captioning, script
  • Appropriate background music (must be cited on reference page)
  • Creative use of slide animations and transitions

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