Ethics Discussion

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Exploring the intersection of marketing ethics
and competitive advantage.

To begin, access the American
Marketing Association’s Statement of Ethics, found in the Webliography listed

Pay particular attention to the six Ethical Values in the

1} Once you are familiar with the
AMA’s code of ethics, select a USA firm that you believe either exemplifies the
code by practicing superior ethical marketing practices or, conversely,
exhibits notably questionable practices. 

2} Describe what activities you
believe demonstrate the firm’s ethical practices, or lack thereof, and WHY you
believe them to be so. Support your position with both specific examples and
sound reasoning. Be sure to consider the stakeholders involved and how they are

Finally, if you selected a firm with good practices, describe how
other firms might emulate them. If you selected a firm with poor practices,
discuss how the shortcomings should be improved.

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