Inclusive Classrooms

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Norman Kunc (2000) states:

Many of the problems facing children and youth at risk (e.g. gangs,
suicide, dropping out of school) are the casualties of an inflexible,
insensitive system of education that systematically (although perhaps
unintentionally) destroys the self-esteem and self-worth of students who
do not ‘fit the mold’” (cited in Villa, R. A. & Thousand, J. S.,
2005, p. 5-6).

Take a moment to watch the video below: Skin Color – The Way Kids See It.

Describe how you will create a classroom climate where all children feel
included, accepted, and valued. Outline the strategies that you will
utilize to create a cohesive classroom community. Include your
expectations for how students should treat each other, and discuss at
least two classroom routines or activities that you will utilize to help
students develop and maintain an appreciation for every member of the
classroom community. Also include the expectations and guidelines that
you have for your own interactions with students, and explain how
conflict resolution will be approached in your classroom.

The following videos may be helpful to you, as you develop your response:

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