an email message to the student worker

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The poorly written set of instructions(attached) that you examined in week 1 were written by a student worker at Anderson College.

Imagine that you are Dr. Richard Johnson, Dean of the Undergraduate School at Anderson College. You will write an email message to the student worker informing her that her instructions are not suitable to be distributed to the students and faculty at Anderson College.

Keep in mind the Jameson article (attached) we read in week 1 as well as other resources(attached) you are reading for week 2. You want to maintain proper tone and professionalism. While the instructions the student worker wrote are not professional and would be embarrassing to send to the students and faculty members, you do not want to unprofessional in your message to the student worker. In addition, she is a student worker. You don’t want to overly criticize her in your message.

Write the body of your email message below. You don’t have to worry about the subject line of any other part of the email message for this task.

You can make up the name of the student worker in writing the email message.


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