Module 03 Reflection – Peer Review of Thesis

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This week, we’re in the early stages of planning for our final essay.
You may have already selected a topic. If you haven’t, select a topic
for our persuasion essay about which you are passionate. Click on the
link below for a list of approved topics. I ALREADY PICK MY TOPIC.

HERE MY TOPIC–>Mandatory or voluntary vaccines

After selecting your topic and watching this week’s lecture on thesis
statements, post a working thesis statement in the discussion forum.
Later in the week, be sure to comment on classmates’ thesis statements
as well as answer any clarifying questions students have about your

Peer critique is of great value to the writer and reader. The writer
benefits from another set of eyes and the reader is able to learn a
variety of ways in which to provide feedback. Your review is meaningful
and important.

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