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    • Fully describe the political advocacy activities that you have participated in.
    • Which organizations have sponsored or supported your activities?
    • What have been the goals of your advocacy work?
    • Were they achieved? How so, or why not?
    • Attach copies of supporting materials (i.e. flyers, mission statements, etc.)
    • How would the information you gained in the interview help you in your work with clients?
    • How does this information relate to at least one value and ethical principle in the NASWCode of Ethics?
    • What current or pending policy does this advocacy effort seek to impact? How effectivewas the advocacy effort in addressing this policy?
    • What recommendations do you have for future policy advocacy efforts? What role could asocial worker like you have in engaging this type of policy practice?
    • How can human rights, social, and economic justice be applied to the clients that areserved (or not served)?

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