Holistic Paper for Paraprofessional

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The reason that this is a HOLISTIC PORTFOLIO is because it takes a holistic look at your Prior Learning, Knowledge, and Skills. We recognize that those with the most complex learning will have a well-developed skill set that transcends the day to day requirements of their specific field of practice and can be transferred into various fields. For that reason, you have liberty to be as broad in your demonstration of your skills as you need to be in order to fully demonstrate the depth and the breadth of your learning. The ONET is simply to provide you with a list to help prime you and get you to thinking about what skills you use. It is not an all-inclusive list of everything that you do. If you can find ways to connect the skill to your field of practice, whether, the learning event itself (Concrete Experience), the generalization of the skill (Abstract Conceptualization) or the future application of the skill (Active Experimentation), then it is yours, and you have obviously developed it and can use it in your portfolio.

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