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Lesson Summary

Creating Your Annotated Bibliography

In this lesson, you have explored the purpose of annotated bibliographies and how to construct them. For this assignment, you will gather your ideas in the Annotated Bibliography Notes, and from these notes, you will create an annotated bibliography for submission. View this sample of an annotated bibliography.

All sources in your annotated bibliography will relate to the amendment or personal freedom you chose from the Bill of Rights.

Previously, you created a list of 12 sources to use in your research. Now, you will narrow that list to eight sources in your annotated bibliography. Your annotated bibliography will include:

  • two sources related to the landmark court case you selected to relate to your topic
  • two sources related to an advocate’s statements related to your topic
  • two sources related to contemporary court cases related to your topic
  • one multi-media source related to your topic (video, slideshow, infographic, or other multi-media source)
  • the citation for the amendment from the Bill of Rights you selected as your topic

For each source, you will include:

  • the MLA citation
  • two sentences explaining what the source is and what it contains
  • one sentence explaining what use the source might be when writing your paper

Follow these steps to create your own annotated bibliography.

Step 1—Take notes

Use the Annotated Bibliography Notes to gather the information you need to formulate a final bibliography.

To write correctly formatted citations in this assignment, use the MLA Formatting Guide for reference as you work. You may also use online resources to help create citations, such as EasyBib or Son of Citation Machine. Simply submit the information from your sources, such as the title, author, URL, and date of publication, and the MLA citation will be created automatically on these websites. Check that it is correctly formatted before you submit your work.

Step 2—Create a final annotated bibliography

Using the notes you completed in Step 1, create your final annotated bibliography and include the eight required sources. You will submit this final copy.

View a sample and review the 02.06 Prepping Your Sources rubric to see how you’ll be graded for your work.


  1. Complete the reading for this lesson.
  2. Complete the Annotated Bibliography Notes..
  3. Use your Annotated Bibliography Notes to create your Annotated Bibliography.
  4. In the Assessments area, submit the Annotated Bibliography to 02.06 Prepping Your Sources.

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