Research Project Topic

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Option #2: Research Project Topic

For your final research project Option #2, you will select a cultural group of which you are not part and that you currently interact with or are likely to interact with in your human services practice. In addition, you will be discussing and reflecting on your own cultural competencies.


  1. Identify your population by addressing the following:
  • Describe the group that you have chosen. (child welfare- children)
  • Identify your current or expected interaction with that group. (none- please write about what to expected in the child welfare case manager role)
  • Identify your knowledge about the group.

Justify your choice of population:

  • Why did you choose this population?
  • What implications in the context of this population do you foresee for your area and field of practice or population?

Your well-written paper should be one to two pages in length and formatted according to APA

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