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Include a minimum of 6 quality, relatively recent (2006-2018) academic sources (2 peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles; 2 government/statistical sources; 1 book or book chapter)

Include a minimum of 1 case example or news story (2006-2018)

The paper must be at a minimum of 2 double-spaced pages not including the title page.

Each summary should be between one to three paragraphs. It is ok if you go over the minimum limit.

NO direct quotes are permitted except for brief statistical information (no more than one sentence). You must use in-text citations for any direct quotations for statistics. You will need to paraphrase your summaries for everything else. Your paper will be submitted to to check for matches to help you revise your summaries for proper paraphrasing.

There is no maximum page length. Use the chapter resources on writing annotated bibliography entries as a guide for each source.

Also, I already found some of the sources, feel free to use it.

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