Contemporary Management Issues

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I have an assignment about ( Oman Mobile Company ) and the objective of the assignment:

1. is to select an organization in Oman and to analyze its practices in promoting CSR related to freeman’s principles of CSR, also to critically evaluate the rewards obtained by the organization by implementing this with respect to all the stakeholders.

2. To critically analyze how the organization practice business ethics with its stakeholders with special reference to employees, customers, suppliers, and the society at large. also explain how the organization sustain business ethics with its stakeholders.

Please make sure to fulfill the below requirements:

1. Background of company and explain CSR and corporate sustainability. ( 10 lines )

2. Objective of the assignment

3. Meaning / definition of Corporate sustainability (with Citation).

4. Explain Elkington’s Triple Bottom Line. (with Citation)

a. Social perspective. (with Citation)

b. Economic perspective.( with citation)

c. Environmental perspective. (with citation)

5. Evaluate the TBL in Oman mobile company for

a. Social (with example of how the organization is using it).

b. Economic (with example of how the organization is using it).

c.. Environmental (with example of how the organization is using it).

Explain stakeholder relationship.

6. CSR ?

7. Carroll’s 4 philosophies – CSR.

a. philanthropic responsibility

b. social responsibility

c. legal responsibility

d. ethical responsibility

Evaluate with examples





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