Respond to 2 classmates posts for Research Writing Course

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1. I noticed that when I searched the same key-term using the SU Subject term drop-box my search got considerably more narrow. The the key-terms found in the overview of the article correlated more with each other than that of when I made my search without the SU Subject term drop-box. The articles that were appearing in my search were more of what I was looking for. It significantly cut down the amount of article I would have to disregard due its inadequacy to provide the details that I need for my research.

2. Article Used: “Meta-analysis of action video game impact on perceptual, attentional, and cognitive skills.”

Author: Benoit Bediou

Benoit Bediou research article “Meta-analysis of action video game impact on perceptual, attentional, and cognitive skills.” contains a wealth of information of different data regarding the effects that action/violent video games have on the human mind. A series of tests and experiments were conducted on different groups of people that involved them playing action video game, in the hopes to find a correlation between video games and social behavior amongst people of various age groups. The research article also tests out the theories of the pros and cons of the effect of playing video games. Seeing how videos can both positively affect the mind and help it further develop cognitive skills and methods of thinking as well as deteriorate it by causing adverse behavior and side effects.


Bediou, B., Adams, D. M., Mayer, R. E., Tipton, E., Green, C. S., & Bavelier, D. (2018). Meta-analysis of action video game impact on perceptual, attentional, and cognitive skills. Psychological Bulletin, 144(1), 77-110.


1. Conduct the same key word search you conducted for library tutorial #1. Then use the SU Subject terms drop-down option to narrow your search even more. Please take notes on how you altered your search. (You will use them later in class.)

2. After you’ve searched, acquire one article from your new search. Write a short summary of the article. Remember to cite your source using APA guidelines.

Respond to two classmates

Please note that you will not be able to see other students’ responses to this discussion topic until you post your response.


  • So this time I searched the term “Drag Queens” with quotation marks. I used the subject topic search of Gender, to narrow my search from 1,114 results to 55.
  • “Drag Performances and the Arousal of Sexual Desire.” By Taylor, Verta.

Queer people have used the art form of Drag for many years as a way of voicing their political views, expressing themselves, and giving a sense of community for others like them. Here Taylor talks about viewing a Drag show instead of behind the curtain, in the audience. This article highlights the social arousal of those attending such drag shows, from people of all backgrounds. This is an interview of straight men and women who had viewed a Drag show in Key West Florida, for the first time.


Taylor, V. (2005). Drag Performances and the Arousal of Sexual Desire. Conference Papers — American Sociological Association, 1-20.

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