Help me in the question below 4-pages

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Heritage Doll
Case (will provide as a short case study with all calculations already
done, all u need to do is analyze for me into a report)

Assignment: Review the Harvard Business School Case (Brief Case) – #4212, dated September 15, 2010 (the case is attached below)

the case, students must provide summarize his/her individual analysis
in a summary document/fact-sheet which is limited to 4-pages

  • Overview and Assumptions – 5 pts
  • Understanding of capital budgeting techniques/computations – 10 pts
  • “What if” Analysis and impact on decision – 10 pts
  • Rationale and Recommendation including both tangible and intangible benefits – 10 pts
  • Selling points to capital budgeting committee – 10 pts
  • Format and Layout of Information – 5 pts

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