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1st) See attached paper we did last week, find Feedback from professor and correct as required.

2nd) For attached document write Research Questions(at least 4questions) followed by the Rationale for Study, and the Research Methodology(2pages).


The research questions, if answered through conducting your research, would solve your problem. It must be clearly related to the problem statement and structured such that it clearly summarizes the purpose and focus of your proposed research effort.

The rationale, is a brief summary of the need for the research study. Why is this topic being examined?

The Research Methodology, submit a brief written summary outlining your research methodology (quantitative, qualitative, action, triangulation)

Research questions should be at least 4, for example:

  1. What are the reasons for low employee morale at the New Castle Fisherman’s Market and what costs and operational problems are associated with this low morale?
  2. What effective methods or enhancing employee morale are available and where have they been successfully implemented?
  3. How can a program to enhance employee morale at the New Castle Fisherman’s Market be designed and implemented?
  4. How can the effectiveness of this program be measured?

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