Criminology Discussion Board Post

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The Prompt:

Read the article The Many Causes of America’s Decline in Crime (Reading Assignment and link below)…

Respond to the following discussion questions for this module by combining them into one essay >>> Do not answer questions individually.<<<

a. Discuss the data you research in the 1.1 Writing Assignment. What did you learn about the violent and property crime rate? What did you learn about Americans’ perceptions of crime? Do Americans perceptions of crime match the actual crime statistics? Why do you think this is? What problems can this cause in public policy issues?

b. According to the article, what is the correlation between increased incarceration rates and the decline in the crime rate? Explain your answer.

c. Discuss some of the variables researchers feel contributed to the decline in crime in the U.S. Explain how these variables are related to crime.

d. What other factors/variables not mentioned do you feel might be related to the decline in crime? (Be sure you follow up by doing some research)

e. What did you learn from this assignment? Discuss in full.

Proper use of grammar and punctuation.

An introduction and conclusion to your essay.

Word requirement (200 words) or more.

APA formatted in-text citations and references NOT required.


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