summary response

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Select a topic of interest to you, find a current article about the topic, read and analyze it, and write a brief summary response.

about any argumentative topic such as selling human body parts. (chose different one)

Guidelines for Summary Response Writing

1. 200-250 words each for summary & response

2. Use an original title – Title should be centered at the top of the page… No Quotes, no

bold, no underlining… normal font… use title capitalization

3. Double space everything!

4. Use Left-Justification for the body

5. Indent every new paragraph 1/2 inch with the TAB key

6. Paper size: Letter (not A4)

7. Use 1 inch margins all around

8. Your name top-right header


1. In the first sentence use the author’s name, the article title, and the main idea of the

article. (article name in quotation marks).

2. Include all they key main ideas of the original

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