Midlife Demands

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Many people in midlife find themselves caring for two generations: their children still at home, and their aging parents. People in this position are often referred to as the sandwich generation. They may find themselves experiencing additional stress in demands on their time, finances, and physical and emotional energy.

To complete this discussion:

  • Explore resources and interventions available for the sandwich generation.
  • Describe some of the resources you found.
  • Discuss what counsel or recommendations you, as a developing professional, would provide for a person who is experiencing the stress of caring for two generations.


The physical and mental changes that take place during middle adulthood can be quite challenging to accept and handle for many adults. As a psychology professional, it is important to understand these challenges and consider ways to help those who struggle through this stage.

For this discussion, respond to the following prompts:

  • Describe two of the physical and mental changes that take place during middle adulthood.
  • Discuss behaviors that can promote and support health and well-being in middle adulthood.
  • Recommend types of activities to promote cognitive strength.
  • Discuss how maintaining social connections and activities can lessen the impact of midlife changes

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