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Students are to write an autobiography of their first 18 years of life. This is a subjective report and should be at least three pages and not longer than five typed pages.

Areas to be discussed should include childhood growth and development, family interactions, siblings and parents; favorite grade school year and why, peer interactions, physical growth, language acquisition and first words used, particular habits or ways of expression and overall memories of childhood. Any holidays or special celebrations should be included. If possible, talk to relatives and others who knew you when you were young.

Please relate your behavior to at least five (if not more) specific references and/or concepts from your textbook. *****This is imperative and if you do not do this, you will receive a grade of 0 and your paper will be returned to you to rewrite.

**Please bold the term/concept from the text within the body of your paper. Do not define the term/concept or explain what it is, only how it correlates or corresponds to your behavior/life.

Lastly, report should be double spaced and use at least a size 12 font.

Note: This assignment is similar to the Child Observation Assignment where you incorporate theories/terms/concepts from the text into your paper.

Students may be as open as they wish, as the instructor is the only one to read the papers.

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