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Television is the medium with the greatest socialization effect, surpassing all the other media by far in its influences. As a result, the competition among producers and advertisers is great, as they try to come up with new ways to catch people’s attention through their newspapers, web sites, magazines, movies, shows, music and commercials. The effect of media does not stop when the movie, song or programends. There are some television shows, news broadcasts and movies that attempt to create an atmosphere to change the view of people towards social issues such as racial discrimination, sexuality, wealth and social status, and political affiliations. These shows provoke criticism and tend to mislead the picture of reality. In the minds of other people, the effect can be for the better, but some unfortunately for the worse. Write two pages answering the following:

Media indeed can influence people in different ways, but the pressing question is this:
How does the media influence the way people understand the word around them?

For Examples/Gender- Media and gender refers to the relationship between mass media and gender, and how representations of the different genders are created by mass media. These representations can influence the general public’s perception of the different genders. Give an example of a television show or movie that attempts to show particular genders in a positive or negative manner.

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