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Answer each question within a minimum 250 and maximum 350 words, use in-text citation according to the sources used to find the answer, also include the source as a reference. Don’t delete the questions just start answering each question below the question itself. And add the reference below each question.

Question # 1 Technology Leveling the Playing Field

Today with access to computers and the internet, small businesses are often able to use the same tools as large businesses, but on a smaller scale. The internet has allowed many small businesses to have access to the same information large businesses have; for example, customer feedback on their website or social media. Some of the information systems software used with other small businesses can be peer to peer software to share a documents or contracts or a design tool allowing two businesses to collaborate on a project.

I think small businesses can thrive when working with large businesses if they provide a specialized or customized service. That attention to detail can be the difference in the large business relationship. What do you think, does it provide smaller organizations a competitive advantage?

Question # 2 Walmart v. Amazon technology

What do we think will Amazon business model technology over take or re-shape Walmart in the future? Why? How? Give examples.

Question # 3 Importance of a Databases

Many organizations use a specialized program, database management systems (DMBS, DB2, Oracle Database, and Microsoft SQL Server), what do you think about this, give examples and add your thoughts about the importance of a Database.

Question # 4 Cloud Databases

What is it? And give examples of organizations using this data base and why?

Question # 4 Mobile and Security/Privacy Threats

While we often hear of security and privacy being a concern on mobile phones, and certainly we should not get too comfortable with security and privacy on the mobile device. However, mobile devices in reality for now, are not the primary target of hackers in large part due to the number of different operating systems and network providers. What makes PCs and Server environments so attractive and vulnerable is one major player controls the operating systems if you build a bug for it you control the majority of computers. In the mobile world, right now the one dominant player has not emerged…sorry iPhone.

Has anyone in class installed software on their mobile device to avoid intrusion or a wipe logic to clear the phone in case it is lost or stolen? And what do you think about Mobile and Security/Privacy Threats? Give examples.

NOTE: NO, I did not

Question # 5 Business use of the Internet

How do successful business professionals use Internet technologies and collaboration tools to reach their company’s goals? Provide two examples of each. How has this changed over the last 5 years?

Question # 6 Wireless communication, or sometimes simply wireless

What’s Wireless communication, or sometimes simply wireless, what are the advantages, and the disadvantages of Wireless communication? Give examples

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