Revision of workflow model

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Please revise my workflow model according to this comments. My Visio/Workflow model is attached below. Thank you.

Does each draft use standard Visio workflow shapes for start and end points, basic steps, and decision points?

Yes, according to Helmers (2011) the appropriate Visio components were used.

Are all points connected with arrows flowing in the correct direction?

Yes, all arrows flow appropriately from start point to end point.

Are swimlanes present to identify who completes each task?

No there are no swimlanes included. However, “because workflow crosses many different care providers, it may be useful to construct the process map using a swim-lane technique…the goal is to capture enough details to accurately portray the process as it is happening today” (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2015, p. 236).

Does it make sense?

Yes, the workflow is easy to follow and understand.

What areas are unclear or confusing?

Does not include what occurs if patient requires the nurse to administer an injection or other intervention. No indication of how labwork fits into the process.

Are all decision points adequately explained?

Yes the decision points clearly indicate the next action required.

What parts need additional detail?

Need clarification on nursing interventions otherwise no additional detail needed. Very well structured workflow. “By focusing on logical processes first, analysts can focus on how the business should run, without being distracted by implementation details” (Dennis, Wixom, & Ruth, 2015, p. 154).

An additional workflow gap is no indication of clinical summaries being provided after the visit. It does not seem that the patient has any interaction after the nurse takes their vital signs or patient registration checking them out when they are done. These are opportunities to provide a clinical summary to the patient. The MU objective that applies to this gap is provide clinical summaries for patients for each visit. (Brown, 2010)

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