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  1. Discuss the approach that Kyle Roberts should take to address the issues raised in the e-mail messages and subsequent discussions. For each of the two situations (Oscar’s and Susan’s) discuss the following:
    1. How the different perspectives and assumptions of the individuals involved contribute to the situation.
    2. The primary organizational factors that contributed to the situation.
    3. Your recommendation for dealing with this situation. Discuss how your recommendation addresses the relevant perceptual, individual and organizational issues.
  1. Propose three initiatives that could be taken by Westco to reduce the likelihood of these types of issues occurring at the company in the future. Provide a brief explanation for how each initiative addresses one or more of the underlying cause(s) of the problem?

Support your arguments based on the concepts discussed in class and in assigned readings (particularly the Ross article “The Ladder of Inference”, the Thomas article “Diversity as Strategy”, and pages 40-56 in the text). Your paper should be between 700 and 1,000 words, so you will need to carefully consider your arguments and state your points succinctly.

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