Unit 1 Discussion 1 CAREERS IN PSYCHOLOGY, assignment help

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In this unit, you explored information and resources about psychology specializations and careers. You might be interested in working in the field with your bachelor’s degree. You might also be interested in continuing your education by pursuing a career in the field with a master’s or doctorate degree. For this discussion:

  • Describe a career in psychology in which you are interested.
  • Describe the setting in which you would be working and the clientele whom you would be serving.
    • What interests you most about this area of psychology?

Response Guidelines

After posting your main post, be sure to respond to at least two learners’ posts during the week. Please note that to earn full credit for your discussion, you must participate on two separate days and post a minimum of one reply on each of those two days. Comment on themes raised in the posts of other learners and pose questions to move the discussion forward.

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