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I got this an email and they ask me to write explanation for my unearned credits, so I will need help with write good explanation for it.

Additional Info: Enrollment – Student Explanation of Academic Credits

While your documents were being reviewed, it was determined that you would need to provide additional documentation to clarify some information. Please see the message below from your financial aid office.

Please provide an explanation as to why sufficient credit was not earned for Fall 2014 with ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY and Fall 2015 with GALLAUDET UNIVERSITY.


I attended to them schools and I found out they are not school what I want. Also I was immature student and don’t have any motivates for that time. I dont have any goals or anything. I was very depressed student and not able to catch up with the courses. Thats reason why I failed the school.

Till I got a new job and been so happy with my job for months. I work for Geek Squad and they give me some ideas how I want for my goals. Now I know what exactly I want to work for and I want to return school and finish my degree for my dream career. I want to become Cyber Security.

2014 ASU, I was very illness and stressed with my finances. I wont be able to finish courses and lost motivate.


Please write good format for academic and give more details and explain that why I wasn’t successful, but will promising to successful with Western Governors University.

Thank you!!

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