Research Project on topic of “Porn studies and fetishism”

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In this communication class I am taking, the topic is about “sex communication”. We need to write a 12 pages research paper (this is the one i requested). Before it, I already summited a proposal about how my paper is going to be like (I will upload the proposal i wrote for reference).


Here is my proposal prompt (I already finished this part. Just read the prompt and read my proposal, in order to write the final paper)

In this course we look at how communicating about sex produces sexual knowledge, and how this production of knowledge frames understandings of sexuality and the construction and performance of sexual identities. The ways in which sex is communicated — whether in words or in images, whether in public debates or in legal policies, in the media or in science, in the classroom or in popular culture — are neither ‘natural’ nor inevitable, but rather derive from historically specific contexts. Our task is to see how the specific social, cultural, economic, and political contexts in which any particular sexual communication takes place shape the production of sexual knowledge, and thus how sexuality is understood, and how sexual identities are created and performed.

Your research entails close analysis of one particular form of sex communication. You can look at a specific sexual representation, such as a work of art, an advertisement, a scene from a movie or a book, or a website; or you can look at a broader practice of sex communication, such as a genre of art, pornography, or other media like a dating app, or a sex education program or campaign; or you can look at a certain kind of sexual discourse, such as arguments about pornography, erotic art, sex education, sex work, or hook-up culture, or a scientific explanation of sex. Given constraints of time and space, the more specific your object of analysis, the easier it will be to write a critical and coherent paper about.

You will begin by writing a proposal. Identify your object of analysis and describe it in as much detail as you can. Don’t try to analyze at this point, just describe. Then identify the contexts in which this form of sexual communication occurs — not just the material context, but the social and historical, the economic and political. Don’t worry at this point about how these contexts have shaped your object of analysis, just try to identify relevant contextual factors that may have shaped it. Now you’re ready for some preliminary research: locate and identify potential sources of information about the specific contexts surrounding your object of analysis. You will need to use academic sources, but depending on what you are analyzing, you may also consider other sources such as blogs, Tweets, or other forms of networked communication, or even interviews or a survey. Your proposal needs to introduce your object of analysis, describe it in detail, identify relevant contextual factors that have shaped it, and discuss your planned method for conducting research, including a brief annotated bibliography that identifies and notes the relevance to your research of at least 5 sources.


Here is my research project prompt : (This is the prompt of paper I requested. 11 pages)

Continue your research by focusing on particular contextual factors. You will have to make choices about what to focus on based on what you think is most significant and also on the availability of resources. Research is a process of discovery, so follow where it takes you. As you do so, begin to write about how the contexts you’re exploring have informed your object of analysis, and begin to consider how this has produced particular ideas about sex. Are these ideas normative? That is, do they conform to and prescribe gender, race, class, or sexual norms? Or do they challenge social norms about sex and sexuality?

Finally, bring all of your work together in a 11 page paper that introduces, describes, contextualizes, and analyzes your chosen form of sexual communication. Explain how specific social, economic, political, and/or cultural contexts inform this communication, what knowledge of sex this representation, practice, or discourse produces, and how this might shape sexuality. Please format your paper with one-inch margins, double spacing, and twelve-point font, and cite sources in any current, acceptable style.


Keep in mind that I already have some books for works cited. You need to use the same reference for this paper. The paper should be MLA style as well. The two articles below you do not have to use it, just in cased.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

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