summary and narrow a topic

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summary for 6 sources each summary should be 100-120 word with APA citation. I
uploaded 3 sources from our course and I provided a links for the other 3 that
I have chosen. I also provide an example of how the rhetorical summary and the
final paper should look. please please follow the picture I provide for
the Rhetorical summary


Step 1: You will begin to narrow your focus by
selecting the three general topic areas that are most interesting to you out of
the five we have been discussing. Then, you will provide citations and
summaries for two articles that you have read so far for each topic area. For
each of the three broad topic areas, you will have one scholarly and one
popular source correctly cited (APA) and summarized.

Step 2: After compiling your research log, you
will write a 300-word response on the research you have conducted. The response
will consider which one of the three remaining topic areas is the most
interesting to you, what specific issue within this topic you want to research
further, and why. After you have selected your subtopic research area, conclude
your response by discussing why and for whom your subtopic is important,
including groups or organizations. Include questions you still have about your
subtopic that may advance your research forward.

Step 3: Finally,
you will find and include three new sources you would like to read about the
subtopic you have chosen, two public writing sources and one scholarly source.
Cite each article accurately, but you do not need to summarize these articles

total word count of this assignment should be 1000-1200 words.

please check all files I uploaded and let me know if there is any issues with them :

1 explanation , 1 example , 3 sources form the course + 3 sources links,1 picture of the summary

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