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your thoughts on this discussion post 150-200 words APA

As stated in the book, spirituality is a very broad concept.
Everyone perceives it differently, one way or another. The definition of
spirituality that includes God involves religion. It involves worship
of a God with controlling power and ability to lay out and change one’s
fate. It is believing that a superhuman has the ability to change things
for the better of for worse, and that God will be there to judge us and
join us when we die. In comparison, spirituality in the non-religious
sense is a quality that we possess. We are concerned with our spirit or
soul as opposed to everything else that exists in the world. According
to Giddens, “What is true is that everyone has a spiritual nature, a
sense that there is more than what is experienced day to day, month to
month, year to year until death. Spirituality encompasses the Sudan
activities of life that keep us grounded as well as those magnificent
times and experiences when our innermost spirit soars with any number of
emotional responses including exquisite joy, dark and deep sorrow,
laughter and fun, and all emotions in between” (Giddens, 2017, p. 40).

Regarding my comfort level related to asking
questions about spirituality, I can say that I won’t have any trouble
bringing it up or talking about it. Being a spiritual person myself, it
is not a new and sensitive subject for me. I will openly talk about my
beliefs so I won’t be shy asking people about theirs either. However,
when a patient refuses to answer my questions, I will respect that as
well and I will not push or force them to answer.

I deliver patient-patient-centered are to a
patient with a different belief system than me by being accepting and
supportive of their preferences. I understand and accept that we are all
different and if I want my beliefs to be respected I should learn how
to respect other people’s beliefs as well. I grew up with muslims so I
know that they have an entirely different rituals and times they need to
complete them. If I get patients like them in the future, I will
respect their prayer times and plan care around them. I will also
respect and value their food preferences as well as their choice of care


Giddens, J. (2017). Concepts of Nursing Practice. (2nd. ed). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier

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