The government has a right to collect whatever information it wants, research paper help

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The essay has to be of 3 pages or more, single space not double spaced. These are the rest of the instructions .

Context: Recent events have brought to the public’s attention that our government collects large quantities of personal data from its citizens, mostly in the name of public safety or government services. Some of the data is collected for a specific purpose; some is collected because it is available and its use will be determined later. Some citizens have expressed concern about how the data will be used, how it will be stored, who will have access to it, what restrictions will be placed on its use, and how it will be protected from misuse. The data collected ranges from a person’s name, address, and Social Security number to using a vehicle license plate to determine where a person goes to shop or to socialize and using GPS technology to determine which people are gathering together and where.

Compose an essay of three full pages (1.5 single spaced pages)—not including the Works Cited–on one of the following topics:

1) The government has a right to collect whatever information it wants, to use however it sees fit. Corporations have the right – or the obligation to give to the government all information collected from their customers.

2) The right to collect information should be limited to specific government programs or for specific purposes (such as?) but not shared beyond that.

3) The government has no right to any information about a citizen unless that citizen specifically chooses to give the information, and it can only be used for the purpose specified by the citizen. Corporations must not give up personal information about their customers.

Along with these guidelines, you will find representative articles pertaining to these arguments. They will serve as your sources and should be documented on the Works Cited page.In addition to these articles, you must analyze at least one of the attached images that relates to this subject and incorporate that analysis into your response as a form of support for your argument.

The essay should demonstrate the following ENGL 1301 outcomes:

College level spelling and punctuation skills

MLA format for margins, header, personal information, paragraph indention, double spacing

In-text citations

Works Cited page

Clearly stated thesis statement

Topic sentences that flows from thesis statement

Sentence variety

No egregious grammar mistakes

Note: The essay will have to include Two 2 articles in it, and the articles will be Uploaded in a file below >>>>

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