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To gain the full ten points for this (and your other) discussion posts please:
1) Click on my initial question/post below to view this week’s discussion question.

2) Once you have your notes ready, respond to the prompt in two-to-three paragraphs using specific moments from the week’s readings. This response should include at least 3 cited quotations, it should make at least 1 reference to the week’s lecture, and it should demonstrate that you have completed all of the assigned reading, listening, and viewing activities. Quotations should be formatted to look like the following example, and they should be followed by analysis sentences that demonstrate how or why the quote is important. Failure to analyze your quotes will result in a loss of points.

Example: “I was especially struck by Barnes comment that her body made her feel “as though (she) was in drag in (her) own skin” before her breast reduction surgery (109). Coming as it does alongside her reflections on her preference for male company and masculine community, this comment shows that her gender expression is central to her ability to be herself.


Part 1: What do you make of LatinoUSA’s reflections on the ways that beauty and self expression become organizing elements of forming community? Can you find any similarities to Brenda Barnes’ reflections on her own butch identity?

Part 2: How do both of these texts present self expression as a site of pleasure and self discovery? How can self-expression in these pieces also make us vulnerable to disapproval, exploitation, or shame? As you answer this question, please also discuss one gendered aspect of self expression that is central to your daily life.

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