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During this course, you will complete 3 Journal Critiques (see chart below). For each critique,
you will summarize, critique, and personally apply a research article from a professional journal.
It is appropriate for you to utilize research journals in your particular field where possible. All
articles must be current (published no more than 5 years ago).
Each critique must have and introduction, conclusion and 3 main paragraphs: 1) a summary
paragraph; 2) an analysis of author’s key points; and 3) a personal application with support from
the textbook or Bible. Each paragraph should be succinct and must be at least five sentences in
length. No direct quotes will be permitted except from the Bible. All papers must use the
Journal Critique Template and follow current APA style.
Articles selected must relate to the topics given.
Module: Week Journal Critique
Topic Journal Critique Topic Description
Module 2: Week 2 Rationale for
Select a research article that expands on the ideas
presented in Chapter 1: The Rationale for
Differentiating Instruction in Academically
Diverse Classrooms that relates to your current
field or a professional field you plan to pursue.

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