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  • Your draft should attempt to engage in analysis of one specific, selected genre of music by using one of the foci listed on the second page of these directions and the general structure suggested: intro, history/background, “zoom in” analysis for the “body” of the paper, an evolved “so what?” conclusion. Analysis should be driven by your research findings and the musical texts you encounter.
  • Help your readers navigate your discussion by offering thesis moments. An initial working thesis or thesis question should be present in your introduction. As the paper unfolds, also be sure to frame up further “thesis moments” where readers can see you developing ideas and evolving your initial thesis (or answering your thesis question) as you move through your evidence/sources/details.
  • Bring in at least four credible sources from your research. For your readers, you must accurately summarize the ideas, theories, terms, or concepts you are using from that source making sure your summary is understandable to a reader who is not familiar with the source you’re introducing, but that summarizing does not take over your essay. On the page, this would be the first part of the “citation sandwich” move.
  • Use your sources as a springboard for your own claims, questions, and analysis. You cannot just incorporate sources to add “facts” to your essay. For this essay assignment, you must add to and help develop the ideas from the source you bring in to offer your own thinking about the genre you are writing about. Your essay must offer your thinking which goes beyond ideas your readers already know or may find obvious. This is where the lead-out part of the “citation sandwich” move becomes essential.
  • Cite all sources in MLA format (in text), in addition to a Works Cited page. Use Purdue OWL to look up proper MLA in-text citations and Works Cited formatting.
  • Proofread for mistakes and edit for clarity. Consider paragraph organization and appropriate transitions to lead your reader through your discussion.

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