interview special ed teacher

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Interview a school psychologist or special education teacher who administers intelligence and/or aptitude tests, and document the following with your summary:

  • Their role in the process of selecting and administering pre- and post-tests that can guide curriculum design, skills-based lessons, or interventions in the field of counseling.
  • Describe the specific assessments and how the results are interpreted and the results are shared with students and their families at your clinical site.
  • Any interventions or approaches derived from the testing process that are used to guide curriculum design, increase achievement, academic development, promotion, or graduation rates.
  • How legal and ethical considerations specific to school counseling influence the administration, interpretation, and sharing of test results.

Spend any remaining field experience hours observing or assisting your clinical site supervisor.

Following your field experience, write a 500-750-word summary of the interview, including information you obtained about pre- and post-tests and the legal and ethical considerations in school counseling.

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