Anthropology writing assignment

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Choose one of these and write 1-2 pages with single spaced.

1. How do you racially categorize yourself (using what term), and why? (Additional questions to answer, if you need additional writing help: has the term you used to describe your race changed over time? Are there connotations in popular culture—good or bad—with the term you chose?)

2. America is often described as a “melting pot”. Do you think assimilation of new immigrants is good and necessary, or can it have negative consequences? Explain. Feel free to consider this issue from the viewpoint of the immigrants, the viewpoint of the country, or both.

3. Have you ever changed anyone’s mind about race? For example, have you had a conversation or experience in which you helped to dispel someone’s misconceptions about a particular race? If yes, explain what happened. If not, describe what you might tell someone who is racist about why they should not believe what they do.

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