financial in depth analysis. You will have to do an income statement and a Balance sheet.

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1- Please be sure to have 3 different tabs within the same excel document. (different pages. Same documents).

First tab: Celgene analysis and common size Income statement.

second tab: Most direct competitive to Celgene financials.

Third tab: Growth of each company, profatabilitiy, investing for growth, risk, rev of employees and historical cost.

The company that i am analyzing is called Celgene. I will provide you with an excel sheets that has all their numbers.

You will need to do a 5 years analysis (for both companies). Please be sure this is on Excel 2016 or a newer version.

Please be sure to also add the most recent quarter numbers are.

Please be sure that you add trends like the attachment.

Units volume by global region. (for both companies)

Meaningful way to break segments.

9- Please include the growth rate in the industry.

In conclusion, Follow the attachment but with the company i provided (CELG).

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