Writing assingment

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This response will be a bit longer, as the essay, “Sex and Violence: The Hard Core of Fairy Tales”(page 446) has two parts.

  1. For the first paragraph, find a quote that you strongly agree or disagree with. Include the quote, and craft a fully developed paragraph in response–why do you agree or disagree and support your idea.
  2. For the second paragraph, discuss what you think about the profitability of “folk” tales–who should profit from the collecting of a culture or people’s stories? If significant changes were made, as they would have done as a storyteller, then does that change your opinion?

——————————————————– **important **————————————————————–

use the book as the one and only source please dont go to any other source.

book name : The Classic Fairy Tales, edited by Maria Tatar (Norton) **Second Edition**

it’s a literature class

please put 3 or 4 proofreading (not spelling.) 3 or 4 errors ( grammars , punctuations, etc)

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