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Organizations and professions are guided by a set of principles and core values that are codified in a code of ethics. The purpose of these Codes is to set standards of behavior for employees and members of the professions. Like any non-liberary text, a code of Ethics can be analyzed by going beyond what the document says, to HOW the parts of the text work together to create the desired effect. For example, Stevens and Buechler applied a rhetorical lens to the Competing Values Framework in their analysis of the Lehman Brothers Code of Ethics.

The purpose of this paper is threefold: to take a thorough look at a Code of Ethics as a distinct genre, to practice analysis of a non-literary text, to practice writing an analysis essay.

Consider the following as you conduct your analysis: overall message, purpose, intended audience, organization, use of language(tone, style, terminology), tone, rhetorical appeal, inconsistencies, gaps.

Guidelines: I attached an paper that has done by former student, he got a good grade on it, you can get an idea of what this paper should look like, but please do not exactly copy the format.

This is not an argument essay, please write an analysis essay.

Here’s the code of Ethics I want to use in the paper:

This paper is what my professor showed us in class, please take a look. You don’t have to be this professional on this paper, relax.…

Since this is a really important and difficult essay. Can you give me a rough draft on 04/30? It is ok to be really rough, I can take it to my professor to ask about her opinion. And the paper is finally due on 05/07 8:00pm PT. Thank you.

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