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imagine that you open A meal prep company, delivery food for athletes.

answer 3 question bellow.

  • 1. Resources
    What will you need to get your idea into the marketplace? (FOR EXAMPLE: Will you need money, or people, or technology, or lab time, etc.. Be as specific as possible in supporting what you expect and why the resources will help you launch your idea.)
  • 2. Financial Strategy
    How do you plan to make money with your idea and how do you plan to finance your startup costs and then how do you plan to sustain the operation of your organization?
  • 3. Risks and Assumption
    What do you think are the risks that could negatively impact the success of your idea and what assumptions are you making about how you will be able to manage those risks? (FOR EXAMPLE: What are the competitive risk factors and/or the social risk factors and/or the governmental and regulatory risk factors and/or the technological risks, etc.. Here you should be as specific and objective as possible.)

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