Anthropology research paper- How different culture shapes language.

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Please write an 2 pages essay by using my proposal and my analyze my interview questions into the essay.

My topic is: How different culture shapes language.

The topic that I am interested in is “How different culture shapes language.” According to what Oxford dictionary says, ‘culture language’ means ‘a language that is learned by many members of other speech communities for the sake of access to the culture of which it is the vehicle.”

As an international student in the US, I met a lot of people with the different culture in college; I started realized that when I see people who are really polite, I always identify they are Koreans or Japanese. As a Taiwanese, there are a lot of honorific words that we have to use when we are talking to older people. I believe that there’s also the similar culture in Japan and Korea. I am curious that if there are some similar culture in western? I believe that there are some differences when the teenagers are talking to friends or talking to their parents.A story that I’ll be telling is that one of my friend who is from Korea; I realized that the way how her talk is really polite and I think this is because of her culture. When we are talking to her, she used some gracious words or actions sometimes which make me a shock because she is actually 2 years older than me. And she shows the politeness even when she is speaking in English. So I really want to know about how people use the honorific language in their culture and how important it is.

The topic related to the lecture I learned during week four which is about “Ethnolinguistics”, In my opinion,anthropology is studying cultures and human, “human reaction”, “human relationships”, “how culture shapes them”, “how does their culture affect them?” Etc. This is the reason why I am choosing this topic; I believe that different culture has their own rules and the way they survive in the whole community. I want to know how a student thinks about their culture, how they think about the way that they are using their language.

Interview questions

  1. How many languages do you speak?
  2. People always argue that language can shapes the way we think,because a concept that is easy to convey in one language may be impossible in another, simply because the vocabulary isn’t there. What do you think about this arguments?
  3. Some languages, like English, have no gender designation for inanimate objects. But many languages do. Does this awareness of gender have an impact on thought?
  4. People says some language forced their speaker to see colors in a different way, what do you think?
  5. Through the language you speak, which language do you think effect the way you think the most? Why ?
  6. Growing up with one language that you speak (ex, I speak chinese), do you feel that you are another person when you are speaking another language?
  7. Does your personality change when you are speaking different language?
  8. Do you notice different responses when you speak other languages?
  9. Are there associations that go along with speaking in different languages? For example: you grew up in China, does that mean when you feel more like a child when you speak Chinese?
  10. Have you ever met a people who is not kind when you are speaking their language? How do you deal with it?

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